Forest River Outfitters is a Canadian family-owned & operated small business located in the Bulkley-Nechako region in Northern BC. 

We have a passion for the rugged outdoors & wild environments. From our summer camping trips, sitting by the fire with the sun just about to go down at midnight,to our mid-winter ice fishing trips catching rainbows and char when its -30c below, we have put products to the test in real world environments. So you can rest assured that the products we carry are made for the outdoors and wont leave you stranded.

We honestly care about nature, customers and the quality products we carry. Each item on our website we carry, we do not dropship any items; each package is personally hand-packed by myself or my husband, Clay with a personalized Thank you note. We try to be environmentally friendly as much as possible. We use shipping materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. We are committed to giving back by donating a portion of all gross sales to planting trees and cleaning water ways in British Columbia. If we all pitch in a little, our families for generation to come can enjoy the wild, rugged environment we enjoy today.

Let me introduce our family to you. Our daughter’s name is Ariana, my husband is Clay, I am April and don’t forget our dog, Maui.

Here’s our story…

I grew up in a small rural town in the Philippines where spending time outdoors is just a way of life. When I was old enough to work abroad, I got a job in a factory in Taiwan. I worked there for years until I had saved enough money to come to Canada to work. I arrived in 2010 and worked at a restaurant.

My husband, Clay is a Metis- Canadian from Central Alberta. He grew up outdoors in the Prairies and on the weekends, he enjoyed the foothills and the wild Rocky Mountains. He started in Construction at 16 years old and worked on and off in construction until we met in 2012. A year later we had our beautiful daughter Ariana and got married. I continued to work in the fast-food industry while my husband started his construction business.

Fast forward to 2019, in the peak of the pandemic, upon a trip to the Yukon, Our Visit to Northern BC along the way spoke to us, and we decided that is where we want to live work & play. So we moved to rural Northern BC .

In 2021, I proudly became a Canadian Citizen and I now work helping people as an HCA in a care facility and my husband buys and sells retro video games and comic books & cooks part time in a restaurant.

 Every minute of our free time, we spend it in the wild, untamed Northern BC – hunting, fishing, exploring, camping, and being in the natural environment. This is the passion and lifestyle that inspired us to bring people clothing, items and supplies so they can enjoy their wild environments and be prepared for whatever nature throws at you- whether its an epic Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking adventure or your casual weekend getaways or any emergency preparedness situation.

Forest River Outfitters is here to share our passion of the outdoors with you.

We are committed to having outstanding customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices. If you ever have any questions, myself or my husband will personally take your call or email.

From our family to you and yours, we Thank You for supporting our small business.